Digital Scrapbooking Strategies – International Partnership


This project aims to examine training given to international university students regarding Digital Scrapbooking Strategies (DSS) and their usage by students themselves

The results obtained will allow us to draw a portrait of the usage of DSS at an international level and to formulate recommendations to professors and members of the administration regarding solutions to reduce plagiarism within their own institution.

This project will create opportunities for the exchange of ideas, tools, best practices and approches which can allow different actors working in education to improve and adjust their pedogagical skills so that they can better train their students to use DSS and therefore decrease plagiarism.

Grant obtained from SSHRC.

Interested in countering plagiarism?

Make a difference and join our research team directed by Martine Peters from the Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Our team is currently examining how Digital Scrapbooking Strategies (DSS), the use of text segments from the Internet by students to write texts, can sometimes lead to plagiarism, deliberate or not, because of the ease of use of the copy and paste feature, combined with the availability of a phenomenal amount of information on the web.

As a result of this:

  • too much copying and pasting may cause students to forget to systematically indicate where they have found their sources.
  • the impression for some students that online material belongs to all, trivialize the act of scrapbooking information without attribution of authorship.

For this research, a mixed methodology is proposed, combining a collection of quantitative and qualitative data, obtained using questionnaires and triangulated with qualitative data from interviews.

Our research will:

  • Examine the use of DSS by students.
  • Examine the use of DSS by teachers and, which DSS training is offered by teachers to students.

Join our efforts as an institutional partner in understanding how best practices can be applied to help students with their informational and writing skills in order to respect copyright and consequently help counter plagiarism associated with the copy / paste of online material.

You can make a difference in countering plagiarism:

  1. As a partner institution where a sample of teachers and students will be recruited as subjects studied as part of the research project.
  2. As a representative of a partner institution, either as a collaborator or a co-investigator to be part of the research team.

Help us counter plagiarism, join our already existing partners all over Quebec and Canada.

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