Digital Scrapbooking Strategies – Secondary/College/University (2017-2022)


This project aims to examine training given to Québec’s students at all level of education regarding Digital Scrapbooking Strategies (DSS) and their usage by students themselves.

Data collection has begun in Fall 2019 and will continue until 2021. Specific goals for this project are to:

  1. Identify which DSS are taught at diffrent level of education (secondary, college and university) and in which discipline and/or programs.
  2. Mesure informational, writing and referencing skills as well as knowledge of students regarding DSS and identify their usage in the production of a written work.
  3. Describe the progression through all levels of education (secondary, college and university) and through the different disciplines and programs of the skills and knowledge of the students regarding DSS.
  4. Determine weaknesses and gaps in students knowledge and skills regarding DSS that could lead them to plagiarize in order to identify the priority DSS that need to be adressed at all level of education.

The results obtained will allow us to draw a portrait of the usage of DSS withing Quebec’s educational system and to formulate recommendations to professors and members of the administration of the province regarding solutions in order to reduce plagiarism within their own institution. This project, resulting in teacher training, should improve and adjust teacher’s pedogagical skills so that they can better train their students to use DSS and therefore decrease plagiarism.

Grant obtained from SSHRC.